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Nordic Business Support

Do you know the business opportunities in the northern regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland?

Nordic Business Support seeks to increase competitiveness through strengthened cross-border cooperation between companies. Through a customized process we assist you in finding new business partners. Our experience shows that companies' needs have been linked to:

  • Increased capacity for conducting major assignments
  • Search for subcontractors
  • Complementary expertise for to take part in larger assignments
  • Partner search for entering a new market


What is required?

  • Anchoring in company management
  • Prioritized time and recources necessary for a professional participation
  • Approximately 1 300 Euros in own cost

What do you get?

  • Customized partner search
  • Up to 30 hours consulting
  • 50 % coverage of travel costs for conducting meetings

Nordic Business Support is a cross-border program run by Bedriftskompetanse (Norway), Norrbottens Handelskammare (Sweden) and Business Oulu (Finland).

For more information, contact:

Norway: Anita Andresen, +47 976 94949, anita.andresen@bedriftskompetanse.no

Sweden: Robert Forsberg, +46 70 575 90 18, robert@norrbottenshandelskammare.se

Finland: Sanna Savolainen, +358 44 703 9760, sanna.savolainen@businessoulu.com

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