We would never have reached as many customers on our own as we did whilst taking part in Nordic Business Link.

Robert Selberg, Concreto


The project has generated quite av bit of business.

Erik Åström, Turnhill


The area is both culturally and logistically close, and this supports the deployment of resources.

Heljä Korkeala, Valoppa Oy


Our experience of Nordic Business Link was very positive. We took part in conferences and dialogues and also participated in NBL's business support. NBL gave us new market knowledge and greater insight into our potential. We have entered into a cooperation agreement with another company and this is now reaching a concrete stage. 

As for the architect's trade organisations, a Nordic cooperation has been re-established and the three Nordic architects' association held their first meeting in September 2014, a Nordic Region Symposium in Kirkenes, Norway.

Anita Veiseth & Linda V. Nielsen, Verte landskapsarkitektur


Together with our partners in Norway, we have increased delivery flexibility, used coordination to minimize environmental impact, and found new clients.

Mikael Hjort, Stenvalls


Throught Nordic Business Link, we have found new business partners in Sweden.

Bernth R. Sjursen, AS. Havøysund Patentslipp


We have formed export clusters together with several other construction companies, in order to better establish ourselves in the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

Antti Karjula Tulevaisuuden, Kasvupolut Oy